Hello and Welcome from Dawn and Randy

First, as new owners and stewards at SBH, Dawn and Randy are tremendously excited to extend our most heartfelt welcome and invite you to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of our island retreat.

A little about us: both of us were born and raised right here in New Jersey. Dawn from the north, and Randy from the south. This causes some (mostly) friendly rivalry when it comes to rooting for our favorite sports teams, but we are both completely in-sync when it comes to our love for LBI. We have each been coming to the island since we were little for the beach, racing sailboats on the bay, hanging out, and the great sunsets. And, there is no better view of the spectacular LBI sunsets anywhere on the island than at SBH, sitting on the expansive bayfront deck with your favorite libation, enjoying nature's display and drinking in the calm. It truly is a dream come true and we look forward to sharing this special place with you and yours.

Covid-19 Cleaning & Disinfectant Steps

Your safety and well-being (and ability to relax and have fun!) during your stay at SBH are our top concerns. To that end, we are taking the following additional cleaning and disinfectant measures between Guest stays, which go beyond the CDC and public health recommendations:

  • Step 1: Before the Rental Season Begins:
    • Dependable Environmental Protection (DEP), a nationally licensed environmental cleaning company, disinfects the entire home using an EPA registered formula that effectively kills viruses, including the Coronavirus, bacteria, and other pathogens.
    • The entire home is professionally deep cleaned, including all furniture and flooring
    • All mattresses are professionally cleaned and then sealed in protective mattress casings
  • Step 2: Every Saturday before Check-In:
    • Professional, thorough cleaning of the entire home
    • Cleaners wear masks, gloves, and protective shoe coverings
    • Professionally cleaned mattress covers, quilts and shams are put on all the beds
    • Pool and Hot Tub are serviced and chemically balanced to ensure sanitary conditions

Is the Island Open for rentals?

The rental season is OPEN! -- with social distancing guidelines in effect at some level. The great thing about Sunset Bay House is that it is very self-contained and you can have a great vacation while keeping your distance and staying safe.

So, what's open on the Island?

Virtually all estabishments and shops are open. Restaurants are open for takeout and al fresco dining, with indoor seating limited to half capacity. Beaches are open. Our stretch of beach on the ocean side is generally uncrowded, so social distancing is fairly easy. Of course, with all the watercraft and water-toys available at SBH for bayside use, there's plenty of water to enjoy.

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